Our History

Island Care was developed as a means of providing an enjoyable retreat for the elderly who had spent their entire lives
working and deserved a worthy place to relax. In our 50 year history, we have cemented our reputation
as a respected and trusted care provider for our residents.

Here is a quick timeline:
Eliza Purton Home is founded and is the starting point of Island Care's services. William Purton generously donated his land in Ulverstone so the residence is named after his mother, Eliza.
After additional wings were added at Eliza Purton, Coroneagh Park was added in Penguin and was a sign of Island Care's expansion. We successfully applied for community care packages in this year and clients in the North West Coast of Tasmania have benefited from improved packages and care services ever since.
Island Care added Tyler Village in Launceston which was purchased from Retirement Care Australia. This brought ownership back to Tasmania in the hands of a not-for-profit management group.
In 2014 Island Care took over the running of the Alcheringa Group, a non-profit aged care organisation in Victoria.

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