Our Mission

In our 50 year history, Island Care has strived to provide Tasmanians with
the best possible facilities for the residential care.

As we have grown and expanded, it has become easier to outline what we stand for
and we can show this in our 7 point mission statement:


  • To provide innovative, integrated and individualised community health solutions.


  • Consumers will prefer Island Care for the provision of services.
  • We will be progressive and innovative leaders in the health industry.
  • People will enjoy, and be proud to work at Island Care.
  • We will be indispensable to the communities in which we exist.
  • We will facilitate social hubs where communities meet and interact.



  • We don’t judge others and we celebrate diversity.
  • We are compassionate.
  • We are efficient and competent team members.


  • We treat all people with fairness and dignity.
  • We appreciate opinions and acknowledge different views.
  • We dress, act and behave professionally.


  • We don’t gossip or undermine.
  • We are reliable and committed.
  • We follow our code of conduct and adhere to our values.


  • We are open, transparent and truthful in our communications.
  • We are fair and sincere when dealing with others.

If Island Care sounds like the perfect place for your loved one, please fill in the inquiry form to learn more about how we can provide a better quality of life for the person you care about.

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