Our People

At Island Care, we only employ team members who are passionate, caring and friendly
as we want to see a genuine rapport between them and our residents.

If you are looking for a role that can change the lives of others,
go to our vacancies page or become a volunteer.

The incredible team at Island Care is bolstered by our dedicated volunteers and auxiliary members who fund raise on our behalf and put their hearts into helping us for no other reason than because they want to.

We appreciate the extraordinary effort given by every team member who contributes to the wonderful home-like feel of Island Care. Without their assistance, we would be unable to give residents the retreat they deserve.

Of course, we need a hardworking and efficient management team to ensure the ship sails smoothly which is why we are fortunate to have the following managers:

Chief Executive OfficerJason Binder
Chief Operating Officer Brett Menzies
Finance Manager Amy Bannon
ICT Manager Michael Roberts
HR Manager Nick Adams
Facility Manager - Tyler Village Sarah Chong
Facility Manager - Coroneagh Park Judy Brown
Facility Manager - Eliza Purton Home Bronwyn Menzies
Social Care Manager Sue Atkinson
This management team has developed and sustained a balanced culture and is responsible for keeping Island Care running as a successful business operation while still maintaining not-for-profit services.

Our whole team is the reason why Island Care is so successful and they continue to exceed the expectations of our residents. To learn more about what we offer, click on the Services page or contact our team.

If Island Care sounds like the perfect place for your loved one, please fill in the inquiry form to learn more about how we can provide a better quality of life for the person you care about.

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