Ivan and Patricia White - Their Story

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Ivan and Patricia White - Their Story

Five years ago, Ivan was diagnosed with dementia and more recently has moved to our home at Old Beach where Patricia visits him daily. She mentioned to the staff at Old Beach how they were married, and so the wonderful staff raised money to purchase a wishing well. After 42 years together, on 12 August 2017 in the presence of Reverend Kaye Paice, Patricia and Ivan White renewed their wedding vows amongst family, friends, residents and careers of Old Beach, next to a symbolic well that’s created so many fond memories. 

The day ran like clock-work, with residents and staff engaged and excited in the morning leading up to the big event. The staff worked tirelessly to prepare for a truly memorable occasion, with some even coming in on their day off. By the time Ivan was dressed and ready to go, he was absolutely beaming, no one thought he would ever stop smiling! The room was decorated beautifully and it felt like a big family affair with everyone joining in and having a wonderful day.

Reverend Kaye Paice delivered their wonderful story on the day;

“Patricia tells me that she and Ivan met in the 70’s when Ivan was in the Police Force. She says, “Oh of course you’ve gotta love a man in uniform.” Ivan was 35 and Pat was 25.

 In his spare time, Ivan was a horse trainer, so they built a house and stables on a 6-acre block at Rokeby. They used to take the horses to Droughty Point to the boat ramp, where Ivan would row the boat and Pat would hold the horses so they could swim them.

 Ivan loved to sing to Pat, “I’d love to get you on a slow boat to China”, at the top of his voice, Pat was sure that all the people living in the surrounding houses loved it, especially as it was 5am.

 Ivan always had a great sense of humour, they have had a lot of laughs together.

 Pat tells of the night they were in the Foreshore tavern when Ronnie Gower was the licensee. Ivan disappeared, then all of a sudden the doors opened and in came Ivan, riding a horse, right into the bar. Poor Ronnie was so shocked his false teeth fell out.

 Ivan and Pat have had a few “ups and downs” as is usual in most marriages, but they have always had a great love for each other.

 When they were married in the 80’s, Ivan built a wishing well so that they could get married around it. When Pat mentioned it to the staff, they raised money by selling sports cards to buy a wishing well so that they could renew their vows by the well.”

Please join us in congratulating Ivan and Patricia and the wonderful team at Island Care Old Beach in creating such a beautiful and memorable occasion for everyone involved.

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